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Research and Knowledge Generation:

The Promise of Practice Based Enquiry in Service Transformation


Presenter: Gail Whiteford, Griffith University; NSW Health, Australia




Health services typically struggle with how to develop the research capacity of their staff and how to engender a stronger research culture within the organisation. Contrary to popular belief, however, what is problematic is not so much staff willingness or ability, but rather the way that research as an endeavour is understood. In this workshop we will explore the potential of Practice Based Enquiry as an organic approach to new knowledge generation as a means through which practice transformation, practitioner skill development and research cultural enrichment can be achieved concurrently. In the workshop, case studies where the PBE approach has been used will be used to illustrate key concepts and processes.


Workshop Objectives:


·         Discuss propositional and non propositional knowledge generation and “knowing in practice”

·         Identify key features and processes of Practice Based Enquiry

·         Explore the potential impact of formation of a Community of Practice Scholars

·         Identify areas in current practice as sites for PBE approach





Room 130 (Conference Hall)


Conference “Society. Health. Welfare” Closing Meeting