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3rd PLENARY (Room 130 – Conference Hall)

Health and welfare during the lifespan

Moderators: Inga Millere (Latvia), Paul A. Keire (USA)


Paul A. Keire, University of Washington (United States of America) – 20min

Learning from our mistakes before we make them

Rimvydas Augutavicius, Mykolas Romeris University, SOS children Villages Lithuania (Lithuania) – 20min

Intervening the families at risk: non formal education approach

Nataliya Gutorova, Yaroslav Mudry National Law University (Ukraine) – 20min

Preventive Role of Criminal Law for Traffic Safety

Valerie Fleming, Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom) – 20min

Disadvantaged groups of women and midwifery

Patapia Tzotzoli, iConcipio Ltd  (United Kingdom) – 20min

Mental Health in Academia - How to Enhance Student Experience

Olga Strizhitskaya, Saint-Petersburg State University (Russian Federation) – 20min

Lifestyle and Cognitive Reserve in Aging: Perspectives from Bigger and Smaller Cities



Break (Coffee)




Session I (Conference Hall)


Society and Law

Moderators: S. Kaija (Latvia), M. Grasis (Latvia)


L. Grynko, A. Prokhazka, O. Panasiuk (Ukraine)

The right to private communication using telecommunication means: national and international legal aspects of protection

A. Lapkin (Ukraine)

The problems of access to justice in rural areas (on the example of Ukraine)

D. Luchenko (Ukraine)

Electronic petition as a way to influence the authorities, available to every citizen: the role and prospects of development in Ukraine

V. Batyrgareieva, A. Kalinina, A. Babenko (Ukraine) – 20min

Human trafficking from Ukrainian cities and villages: current trends

O. Zub, A. Shymko, O. Sudelnikov (Ukraine)

Simplified Judicial Procedures: Ukrainian Experience of Increasining Access to Justice for Rural Residents in Civil Cases

E. Pilipson (Latvia)

Contractual succession discrete factors’ splitting, confluence and modifying issues

A. Krivins (Latvia)

Legislative Framework of In-house Procurement

V. Pashkov, O. Soloviov (Ukraine) The legal implementation system of the blockchain in the pharmacy

K. Palkova (Latvia)

Medical practitioners legal regulations in the practice from Urban-Rural Developmen perspective




Session II (Room 134)


Public Health and Health Promotion

Moderators: I. Gobina (Latvia), M. Rusnakova (Slovakia)


D. Makhanbetkulova (Kazakhstan)

Reproductive Health Status of Schoolchildren in Kazakhstan

I. Gobina, S. Pildava, M. Apine, D. Heiberga, E. Millere, A. Miezitis, I. Straume  (Latvia)

Experience of implementing health promotion interventions at health promoting schools and municipalities in Latvia

R. Raudeliunaite, V. Gudzinskiene (Latvia)

Challenges and their overcoming when implementing the restructuring of children’s care homes in Lithuania

M. Rusnakova, L. Huskova  (Slovakia )

Significant factors of violence against women in Urban and Rural Community

R. Silinsh, A. Martyniuk, E. Mintsys, S. Hopta (Ukraine), A. Stanislavs Yankovskis (Latvia)

The Moral Side of Abortions via the Urban-Rural Life Paradigm

D. Uhnakova, J. Levicka (Slovakia)

Public opinion in Slovakia about physical punishment of children

E. Nikolaeva, V. Merenkova (Russian Federation)

The interrelation of mothers’ and their children health in the provincial town




Session III (Room 135)



Moderators: G. Berzina (Latvia), D. Smite (Latvia)


A. Glotova, D. Smite (Latvia)

State-funded rehabilitation service and continuity of service in Latvia for patients with unilateral lower limb amputation statistical data and patients view

Z. Oborenko, M. Zivitere, B. Rivza (Latvia)

Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Employment Outcomes for People with Disabilities in Latvia

K. Komule, D. Smite (Latvia)

Perceived needs of the low back pain patients and their implications for health-related quality of life

E. Pieters, D. Janssen, M. Lerno (Belgium)

Stroke and environmental factors: The Ultimate Caregiver Strain Index Expanded (U-CSI+)

Z. Rozkalne, M. Mukans (Latvia)

Readiness of independency in healthcare management for young adults with cerebral palsy

M. Iakovleva (Russian Federation)

Patients’ with coronary heart disease therapeutic behavior and in terms of their social characteristics

I. Pontaga, J. Liepina , D. Kazoka , S. Umbrasko (Latvia)

Fatness and thermoregulation in qualified rugby players

D. Nesterovica (Latvia)

Lower extremity overuse definition and diagnosis: systematic literature review




Session IV (Room 145)


Welbeing and Social Services

Moderators: A. Luse (Latvia), S. Mikulioniene (Lithuania)


R. Raudeliunaite (Lithuania)

The Specificities of the Work of Social Workers When Rendering Social Services at the Person‘s Home

S. Srobarova (Slovakia)

Variability of provided social services in crisis intervention facilities in Slovakia in the context of violence

A. Luse (Latvia)

Ethnographies of help-seeking in homesteads of Vidzeme and Latgale 90 years ago and now. Choosing between services provided in urban versus rural settlements

L. Saberte, L. Vindele, R. Erdmanis, V. Gaidukevics (Latvia)

Legal aspects and problems of the procedure  how persons who are diagnosed with addiction are receiving social rehabilitation services in capital and rural areas of Latvia

P. Sediene, J. Pivoriene (Lithuania)

Persons’ with epilepsy experience in labour market – variations in urban and rural areas

S. Mikulioniene, M. Gedvilaite-Kordusiene, G. Rapoliene, N. Valaviciene (Lithuania)

Older people living alone: how lonely are they in urban and rural areas?

D. Kiscenko (Latvia)

Quest for a son: women reproductive health strategies in Montenegro




Session V (Room 146)


Social Work

Moderators: M. Lotko (Latvia), D. Markovic (Slovakia)


A. Petrauskiene, V. Grigaliene (Lithuania)

Relationship Between Social Worker and Client by Applying the Principles of Gestalt Therapy

D.  Markovic, A. Zilova (Slovakia)

Foreigners in the Town. Experience of Voluntary Immigrants Living in a Small Town

M. Moors, J. Osis (Latvia)

Evaluation of Results of Social Rehabilitation Programs for Young People with Behavioral Problems

E. Kaulina (Latvia)

Legal Guarantees of Access to Education for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

J. Pivoriene, V. Indrasiene, V. Jegelaviciene, D. Penkauskiene, O. Merfeldaite, A. Railiene, J. Sadauskas, N. Valaviciene (Lithuania)

Critical Thinking as A Tool for Development of Human and Social Capital in Diminishing Gap between Urban and Rural Development

L. Vilka (Latvia)

Time and Space Aspects in Social Work




Session VI (Room 235)


Medical care

Moderators: M. Lange (Latvia), J. Tuitaite (Lithuania)


M. Avota, A. Leiko (Latvia)  

Shift work as a risk factor for metabolic syndrome

S. Skuja, J.  Mednieks, I. Beinarovica, V.  Groma (Latvia)

Social Burden Related to Psychotic Disorders: a Role of Morphological Expertise

M. Lange, E. V. Plorina, I. Lihacova, J. Spigulis, A. Derjabo (Latvia)

Skin cancer screening – better safe than sorry

A. Lifsics, V. Groma, E. Rate, M. Murovska, J. Tars (Latvia)

Smoking and Alcohol Abuse - Predictive Factors in Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. A Retrospective Study

J. Mednieks, V. Groma (Latvia)

The Use of Modern Neuroradiological Methods in the Assessment of Cognitive Dysfunction in Systemic Connective Tissue Diseases

J. Tuitaite, P. Sediene (Lithuania)

Discourse through Photovoice: "Lived Experience" of Epilepsy

O. Volkovs, J. Moisejenko-Golubovica, V. Groma (Latvia)

Neoplastic Microenvironmental Changes Affecting Relapse of Basal Cell Carcinoma and Efficacy of its Treatment

S. Salaka, G. Berzina (Latvia)

A Systematic Review of Most Commonly Used Assessment Tools for Swallowing Disorders




Workshop I (Room 203A)


Demonstration of Medical Technologies

Moderator: O. Sabelnikovs (Latvia)

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulation-based training

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the milestone of survival in cardiac arrest cases, and regular training of the staff significantly improves the survival of the patients. In this workshop Assistant Professor Oļegs Sabeļņikovs, Dr. Jekaterina Jagodzinska,  Dr. Vita Biltauere from Riga Stradins University together with medical students will demonstrate a proper CPR on medical simulators.

Everyone is welcome to observe!


Break (Lunch)


Poster presentations


Session VII (Conference Hall)


Society and Law

Moderators: S. Kaija (Latvia), M. Grasis (Latvia)


J. Grasis (Latvia)

Legal status of the honorary consular officers: theory and practise in Latvia

A. Kipane (Latvia)

Criminological Aspects of Criminal Profiling of Cybercriminal

V. Upeniece (Latvia)

The legal commencement of an armed attack

A. Babenko, R. Tarasenko, O. Ostrohliadov (Ukraine)

Mapping method in research of drug crime regional criminological features (Ukraine taken as an example)

O. Shevchyk, A. Hnatiuk (Ukraine)

Individual's level of education as a guarantee of the right to defence

A. Apsitis, D. Tarasova, J. Dinsberga (Latvia)

Institutions of Roman Law for Challenges of Rural Logistics: Contract for Work (locatio conductio operis) of Transportation and Rustic Praedial Servitude of Way (servitus viae)

S. Kaija (Latvia)

Problem Aspects of Mandatory Nature of Criminal Proceedings

R. Kabalskyi, A. Kozachenko, M. Hrekova (Ukraine)

Social Normativity in Neoliberal State

V. Bozhko, I. Kulchii, V. Zadorozhnyy (Ukraine)

Comparative legal analysis of the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Transparent and predictable working conditions in the European Union with the current Labor Law of all its Member States

A. Liepins (Latvia)

Medical error and it’s understanding in Latvian legal system




Session VIII (Room 133)


Society and Law

Moderators: I. Kronis (Latvia), V. Savickis (Latvia)


J. Dinsberga, V. Savickis  (Latvia)

Legal and practical aspects of establishing a servitude of right of way within the framework of rural and urban development and in circumstances of global change

L. Bocs (Latvia)

The proportionality of monetary policy as a macro-juristic theory

V. Teremetskyi, Y. Zhornokui , V. Zhornokui (Ukraine)

Shareholders agreement: comparative and legal analysis of the legislation and legal doctrine of Ukraine, EU countries and USA

I. Kronis (Latvia)

Criminal liability for delay of insolvency proceedings

I.  Polevaja (Latvia)

Manifestation of Favor defensionis in Latvian and Foreign Criminal Proceedings

V. Savickis, J. Dinsberga (Latvia)

Fast and efficient insolvecny process, as one of the preconditions of an outstanding business environment and terms of potential of the regions

S. Drake (Latvia)

Criminal liability for breach of copyrights and related rights within the territory of the Republic of Latvia

I. Titko, I. Polkhovska (Ukraine)

 Legal regulation of reproductive human rights: challenges and solutions

A. Vilks (Latvia)

Cybercrime and sexual exploitation of children in e-environment in the context of strengthening urban and rural security




Session IX (Room 134)


Public Health and Health Promotion

Moderators: T. Pulmanis (Latvia), Solvita Kļaviņa-Makrecka (Latvia)


K. Zazar, J. Gosnik  (Croatia )

Social Determinants of Accessibility to Sports Facilities of School Age Children in Rural and Urban Areas

R. Lagzdina, M. Rumaka (Latvia)

Physical activity in healthy urban adults and its association with body composition parameters

I. Zile, D. Rezeberga, G. Lazdane, I. Gavare (Latvia)

Comparison of antenatal care factors and pregnancy outcome in rural and urban context

Y. Hrekov, M. Hrekova, R. Kabalskyi (Ukraine)

Social and philosophical background and legal mechanism of assisted reproductive technologies regulation (by example of surrogate maternity

D. Araja (Latvia)

Geographic Modelling For Decision-Making On Accessibility Of Pharmaceutical Care In Rural Areas

A. Sydorenko, O. Melnyk (Ukraine)

Peculiarities of differentiation of labour legal regulation of pharmaceutical workers

A.  Aleksandraviciene, S. Bielskute (Lithuania) 

Socio-Economic Factors Promoting the Development of Tuberculosis

A. Slavinska, N. Jansone-Ratinika (Latvia), P. A. Keire (USA)

Medical practitioners guaranty of professionalism and preparedness – the basis for receiving quality and patient-safe healthcare

I. Stokenberga, A. Kivite, I. Kelle (Latvia)

To educate or to be educated? Parents’ attitude and knowledge toward sex education in Latvia




Session X (Room 135)



Moderators: G. Berzina (Latvia), S. Tomsone (Latvia)


A. Muiznieks, A. Vetra, U. Libkovska (Latvia)

Natural healing resources of Ventspils city and opportunities for use in medical institutions

A. Leimane, G. Rusovs, A. Katasevs, A. Vetra (Latvia)

Dorsal Surface Spatial Changes In The Front Plane At Self-Correction For Patients With Idiopathic Scoliosis.

L. Majevska, R. Ceseiko, S. Tomsone, A. Vetra (Latvia)

Aerobic capacity for breast cancer survivors 2 to 3 years after breast surgery

I. Mihejeva, G. Berzina, A. Vetra (Latvia)

Factors associated with mortality during 7 years after stroke

K. Ostrovska, A. Klavina, J. Sokolovska, l. Selavo (Latvia)

Free-Living Smartphone Delivered Physical Activity Intervention For Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Barriers to Intervention

I. Heize, D. Smite (Latvia)

Outpatient physiotherapy services in Latvian regional hospitals: characteristics of receivers, the volume of services and source of funding

A. Karklina, G. Berzina, I. Mihejeva (Latvia), K. Stibrant Sunnerhagen (Sweden)

Patients’ physical activity in stroke units: behavioral mapping in Latvia and Sweden




Session XI (Room 145)


Mental health

Moderators: J. Lubenko (Latvia), O. Strizhitskaya (Russian Federation)


J. Levina, K. Martinsone, S. Mihailova (Latvia)

Social activities of the Latvian students living in the cities and in the countryside

I.  Paica, M. Taube, K. Martinsone (Latvia)

The difficulties and challenges of the psychological support providers employed in Latvian psychiatric clinics – the results of the pilot study

K. Sneidere, J. Harlamova, Z. Ulmane, A. Stepens (Latvia)

First stage of adaptation of Cognitive Reserve Index questionnaire

Z. Ulmane, K. Sneidere, J. Harlamova, V. Arnis, A. Stepens (Latvia)

Relationship between personality traits and cognitive performance in healthy seniors

V. Silkane, I. Stokenberga (Latvia)

What does doctor say? Psychological factors related with health literacy

R. Terehova, J. Lubenko (Latvia)

Experience of caring for dementia patients in social care institution:  A qualitative evidence

V. Deicmane, L. Cibule, A. Vetra, A. Vetra (Latvia)

Work Rehabilitation Questionnaire: Cross – cultural Adaptation and Testing of Psychometric Characteristics of Latvian Version of the Measurement

L. Savicka, K. Riemere, A. Vabale, A. Vetra, I. Kulicenko (Latvia)

Adaptation and Standardization of Rapid Automatized Naming and Rapid Alternating Stimulus Tests in Latvian




Workshop II (Room 235)


Round table discussion: Clinical simulations

Moderator: O. Sabelnikovs (Latvia)

Expert: Paul A. Keire (USA)



In this workshop the medical students will present the results of their teamwork from  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulation-based training (Workshop I) scenario, and together with the experts will discuss the feedback.


Everyone is welcome to observe!




IV International Conference of Speech Therapy

Rīga Stradiņš University,
  Dzirciema street 16, auditorium Hippocrates

(For participation in the conference 8 TIP are granted)


8:00 – 9:00                  Registration of participants

9:00 – 9:15                  Opening of the conference Signe Tomsone, dean of RSU RF, and  I. Rutmane – Lazda, chairwoman of LALA

9:15 – 9:30                  Musical greeting for the participants of the conference

1.    (Plenary session chaired by Andra Vabale and Ilze Vaciete)

9:30 – 11:30                Hanna Makinen, "Development of early feeding skills”, /Finland/

11:30 – 12:30              Evija Griskevica, „Pirmā miofunkcionālā klīnika” (“First Myofunctional Clinic”), “Detection of altered lingual and labial frenulum, impact on orofacial complex", /Latvia/

12:30 – 13:30              Zane Gaile, Karlina Kienkas, Reasons of speaking and learning disabilities, /Latvia/

13:30 – 14:30             Lunch break

2.    (Plenary session chaired by Ilze Blumentale and Ilze Klatenberga)

14:30 – 15:15             Sandra Kuske, Latvian Children's Hearing Center, „Auditory processing disorders”, /Latvia/

15:15 – 16:00              Daiga Murmane, BKUS, „Genetic Syndromes in Speech and Language Therapist practice”, /Latvia/

16:00 – 17:00              Santa Salaka, „Pirmā miofunkcionālā klīnika” (“First Myofunctional Clinic”), „The role of the Speech and Language Therapist in managing head and neck cancer patients rehabilitation”, /Latvia/