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Opening of conference  (Room 130 – Conference Hall)

Prof. Aigars Petersons – Rīga Stradiņš University

Anda Caksa Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia

Janis Reirs Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia

Karlis Sadurskis –  Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia

Aija Barca The Committee of  Social and  Employment  Matter of Saeima of Republic of Latvia




1st PLENARY (Room 130 – Conference Hall)

Aspects in reduction of inequalities in health and welfare 

Moderators: M. Muijen (The Netherlands),  Inga Millere (Latvia)


Vasilios Ioakimidis, University of Essex (United Kingdom) – 30min

Social dynamics and political reality in  the context of global transformations: Is ‘Social Europe’ a reality or myth?

Matt Muijen, consultant to World Health Organization, board member GAMIAN (The Netherlands) – 30min

Mental health and mental illness in Europe: challenges and responsibilities

Vylius Leonavicious, Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) – 20min

The role of key agents in transformation of health care system in Lithuania

Gunta Lazdane, Rīga Stradiņš University (Latvia) – 20min

Are there urban-rural reproductive health disparities in Latvia?

Mindaugas Stankunas, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lithuania) – 20min

Tackling health inequalities in Lithuania: from research to practice


Break (Lunch)


2nd PLENARY (Room 130 – Conference Hall)

Education in the context of health and welfare

Moderators: T. Koke (Latvia), A. van der Kooij (The Netherlands)


Paul Keire, University of Washington (United States of America) – 20min

Next Generation Medicine: How AR/VR/MR Technologies Improve Learning and Clinical Practice

Pernilla Stenback, Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Finland) – 20min

Simulation in education and in multi professional teams

Tatjana Koke, Rīga Stradiņš University (Latvia) – 20min

Students as Researchers: a Case Study on Possibilities for Curriculum Transformations at RSU

Albert van der Kooij, Northern Knowledge (The Netherlands)– 20min

Application of  Knowledge in Social and Health Sciences  

Gail Whiteford, University of Canberra (Australia) – 20min

Raising Aspiration, Developing capacity and Enchancing Wellbeing: Impacts of Widening Participation in Higher Education.

15.30 - 16.00 

Break (Coffee)





Session I (Room 133)



Economics and Politics

Moderators: O. Bruvers (Latvia), A. Almasiova (Slovakia)


A. Zilys (Lithuania)

Smooth transition or contradictions of western and soviet modernization? The peculiar case of Lithuanian modern urbanization path

G. Gudermanis (Latvia)

Shadow economy in cities and rural areas: the common and different.

A. Almasiova, K. Kohutova, Z. Gejdosova (Slovakia)

Differences in selected areas of social capital regarding residence

M. Rajn, H. Belani, I. Ljubi (Croatia)

A Civic Crowdinvesting into Renewable Energy Sources: A Local Self-Government’s Perspective

J. Dinsberga (Latvia)

The Issue of Divided Property and Consequent Problems of Urban-Rural Development




Session II (Room 134)


Society and Community

Moderators: M. Pranka (Latvia), V. Leonavicious (Lithuania)


A. Bukova-Zideluna, A. Villerusa, I. Pudule, D. Grinberga, B. Velika (Latvia)

Comparison between the risks in road safety behaviour in urban and rural areas in Latvia in 2016

S. Kutsepal, Y. Perebyinis, N. Zinchenko (Ukraine)

Specificity of Social Existence in Megalopolis 

E. Ozolinciute (Lithuania)

Creation of Rural Communities after Lithuania Acquired Independence

D. Bite, Z. Kruzmetra (Latvia)  

Relational place-making in Latvian countryside: Straupe and Kaldabruņa case

I. Briska (Latvia)

Ecological risks as evaluated by Latvian residents

M. Pranka (Latvia)

The Walk and Talk Methodology – Researching Place and Self

A. Telestakova, L. Antonova, N. Olena (Ukraine)

Civil Registry Entries as a Source to Provide Access to Information Ona Family in Ukraine



Session III (Room 135)



Moderators:  I. Trapenciere (Latvia), T. Butvilas (Lithuania)


I.  Atamanova, S. Bogomaz (Russian Federation), T. Filippova (Kazakhstan)

 Modern Youth’s Value Orientations and Activity in a Cross-Cultural Context

S. Mihailova, A. Pipcane (Latvia)

Comparison of adolescent’s values: Riga and Vidzeme region

T. Butvilas, R. Augutavicius (Lithuania )

Engaging relationship within non formal education of adult members of families at risk: grounded theory

I. Kudeikina (Latvia )

Problems associated with the right of access in the context of the rights of the child.

A. Simutyte, M. Veniute Jakubauskiene, V. Aleksiene (Lithuania)

Seniors' Experience in Musical Activities from a Health Perspective

I. Trapenciere, A. Aleksandrovs, I. Koroļeva (Latvia)

Satisfaction with the Quality of Higher Education: Comparative Analysis of Students’ Perspective in the Baltics 

A. Utinans, G. Ancane, A. Villerusa, J. Vetra (Latvia)

Interrelations of paranormal and pseudoscientific beliefs and critical thinking disposition among undergraduate medical students of RSU




Session IV (Room 145)


Health Policy

Moderators:  A. Villerusa (Latvia), M. Stankunas (Lithuania)


G. Baltrusaityte (Lithuania)

Health care policy in Lithuania since 1991: a critical reappraisal.

I. Bikava, I. Kreituse (Latvia)

How will future health policy impact regional disparities and healthcare in Latvia? 

I. Bikava, I. Kreituse (Latvia)

How Strong Is the Voice of Society in Healthcare Politics in Latvia? 

A. Villerusa, D. Behmane, U. Berkis, A. Kokarevica (Latvia)

Regional differences in health care human resources in Latvia

B. Strautmane, D. Behmane, I. Ludviga (Latvia)

The Availability of Palliative Care in Latvia and Citizens’ Satisfaction with State Provided Services

I. Bikava, A. Skride (Latvia)

Healthcare accessibility and disparities in medical staff availability in Latvia's regions

V. Savicka, A. Kazoka (Latvia)

Oncology policy actualization in level of political decision making - actors, contents and discourse of communication interventions  




Session V (Room 146)



Moderators: L. Deklava (Latvia), B. Zarins (Canada)


I. Ljubi, H. Belani, S. Belosevic-Romac (Croatia)

Cloud-Based Integrated Socio-Sanitary Care e-Services in Croatia: Lessons Learned

G. Logina, A. Ribakova (Latvia)

Operating room nurses’ assessment of safety climate in Riga city hospitals

B. Zarins (Canada)

Collaborative Accountability: Fostering our future in nursing education

B. Zarins (Canada)

Collaboration to change the landscape of nursing: A journey between urban and remote north practice settings

B. Vilite, E. Strike (Latvia)

Pain management in intensive care unit patients after cardiac surgery with

sternotomy approach




Workshop (Library)


Research-based Education: Opening the Books

Moderator: I. Razgale (Latvia), M. Lotko (Latvia)




Workshop (Room 203A)


Demonstration of Medical Technologies

Moderator: J. Kravcuks (Latvia)

Simulation of emergency management of major trauma patient

Dr. J. Kravcuks from Riga Stradins University has acquired simulation based methodology in international trauma courses: "Advanced Trauma Life Support" and "Emergency Trauma Care" and together with medical students will demonstrate emergency medical care (ABCDE algorithm) on a simulated major trauma patient.


Everyone is welcome to observe!


Get-together party