Mental Health


Moderators: J. Lubenko (Latvia), O. Strizhitskaya (Russian Federation)

L. Banovcinova, M. Lusconova (Slovakia)

Subjective perceprions of motherhood among adolescents

I. Reinfelde, J. Kolesnikova (Latvia)

Children with emotional and behavioral disorders: the pilot study on the development of the Parent Adherence Questionnaire.

I. Briede, V. Sudraba (Latvia)

Correlation between Anxiety Indicators and Suicidal Thoughts or Actions among Adults Aged 18 to 49 Years

A. Kralova, H. Kisvetrova (Czech Republic)

The Impact of Diagnosis on the Psychosocial and Spiritual Needs of the Patient


Public Health and Health Promotion


Moderators: I. Gobina (Latvia), M. Rusnakova (Slovakia)

I. Andrasi, M. Minarik, M. Santa, O. Masar (Slovakia )

Dependence between cardiopulmonary resuscitation delivery time and its quality

M. Avercenko, G. Brigis (Latvia)

Tuberculosis treatment outcome in relation to patient’s HIV status in Latvia from 2010 to 2015

I. Beinarovica, S. Skuja (Latvia), A. Lepisto (Finland), M. Soderlund-Venermo (Finland), V. Groma  (Latvia)

The presence and distribution of Human Parvovirus B19 proteins in the skin biopsy samples in case of contact dermatitis

L. Giga, G. Berina (Latvia)

Functional status assessment tool content comparison for brain tumor patients: a systemic literature review

E. Mokin, V. Pyatin, L. Mazur, N. Mokina (Russian Federation)

The study of the novel method of electronic-digital auscultation in bronchial asthma in children in the sanatorium

N. Mokina, E. Mokin, V. Pyatin (Russian Federation)

Acoustic respiratory analysis in the complex functional respiratory evaluation in healthy and in chronic non-specific lung diseases’ persons

J. Paulauskiene, J. Petkeviciene, R. Ivanauskiene (Lithuania)

Urban-rural differentials in the uptake of cervical cancer screening using a systematic invitation system in Lithuania

D. Platace, K. Puzirevska, A. Kreile, I. Millere (Latvia)

Motivation of infection control in nurse viewpoint

S. Semenistaja, S. Skuja, V. Groma (Latvia)

Scanning electron microscopy application in determining the peculiarities of endometrium of the woman with infertility.

M. Sichman (Slovakia)

Evaluation of quality education and implementation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

M. Tarasovs, A. Mihailova, S. Semenistaya, V. Jurkevics, V. Cauce, V. Groma (Latvia)

Evaluation of synovial inflammation and its correlation with visual analogue pain scale, tissue S100 expression and blood CRP levels in different types of arthritis

D. Kazoka, M. Pilmane (Latvia)

3D Dissection Tools in Anatomage Supported Interactive Human Anatomy Teaching and Learning

D. Ennite, G. Brigis, G. Reitere, L. Livmane (Latvia)

Survival after breast cancer surgery in relation to socio-economic, reproductive health  related and lifestyle factors

G. Krumina, L. Liepina, M. Peterfelds, A. Luse, R. Stasinskis (Latvia)

Brain injury after acute carbon monoxide poisoning: advanced neuroimaging, correlation with carboxyhaemoglobin level in blood and clinical state




Moderators: G.Berzina (Latvia), D.Smite (Latvia)

T. Adeeva, I. Tikhonova (Russian Federation)

The specifics of the event and evaluation as the parameters of the life trajectories of individuals with disabilities.

I. Astaryova, M. Sutvajova, Z. Hudakova (Slovakia )

The importance of strengthening the deep stabilization system for athletes

J. Dundurs, C. A.  Mora Simon  (Latvia)

Alcohol, tobacco and hangover. Behaviours and symptoms in short term according the society in century XXI

M. Kolarova, R. Rusnak, P. Kutis, I. Astaryova, Z. Hudakova (Slovakia)

The effect of healthy exercises on body posture in pre-schoolers

N. Kovalcikova, A. Banovcinova, Jana Levicka (Slovakia)

The usefulness of community support resources from the perspective of parents of children with disabilities

P. Kutis, M. Kozel, M. Lehotska (Slovakia)

Clasical and Rapid Recovery Physiotherapy Approach of Total Hip Arthroscopy in Slovakia

V. Littva, A. Kralova (Slovakia)

Coping with Death and Awareness of Mortality in Patients and their Relatives

L. Plavina, S. Smagare, A. Zahare (Latvia)

Assessment of posture statement of cadets -participants of high endurance excercises

D. Pulmane, A. Vetra, R. Lacis (Latvia)

Comparison of walking speed between woman in hospital, after cardiac surgery, who reside in city or rural areas

M. Sutvajova, A. Lesnakova, I. Astaryova (Slovakia)

Primary prevention of incorrect body holding the body

E. Lace, R. Ceseiko, A.Vetra (Latvia)

Assessment of Latvian Army soldier’s energy consumption used different tactical load carrying systems.

S. Aleksejeva, L.V. Neimane, A. Silova (Latvia)

Antioxidant Activity of Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles Japonica) Fruits Grown in Latvia and Their Products - Purée, Candied fruits

S. Lakisa, A. Paparde , K. Circenis, I. Vanadzins (Latvia)

Quality – Work – Competence among Latvian nurses: comparison of different education levels.

O. Fokina, M. Alminovicha (Latvia)

Motivation of Ambulatory Care Nurses to Work in the Gained Profession and Its Contributing Factors

O. Fokina, L. Mulere, M. Alminovicha (Latvia)

Indicators of Life Quality of Ambulatory Care Nurses and Their Connection with Work Experience in Primary Health Care System Level

D. Balcuna, I. Mihejeva, A. Vetra (Latvia)

Analysis of factors influencing plantar pressure in persons with diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy 

L. Upmale, A. Vetra, L. Cibule, A. Vetra (Latvia)

Adaptation and testing of a bilingually translated idiopathic scoliosis patient self-assessment questionnaire SRS-22r for use in Latvia


Wellbeing and Social Services


Moderators: M. Lotko (Latvia), L. Vilka (Latvia)

I. Zemaitaityte (Lithuania)

Learning opportunities for older people's well-being

I. Zemaitaityte, A. Katkoniene, A. Januskeviciute (Lithuania)

Competences of older people to use smartphones as a factor of wellbeing in contemporary society

A. Banovcinova (Slovakia)

The importance of social capital in the community to meet the needs of a family with a disabled child

M. Lotko (Latvia)

Students interaction with therapy dog at West Virginia University setting

S. Alekseev (Latvia)

Control function mechanism of capital company

I. Zarina, K. Circenis (Latvia)

Interaction between middle - aged and older adults and technology

I. Lomonovska, S.Tomsone (Latvia)

Analysis of the efficiency of housing adaptation in the Jelgava city

K. Pigens (Latvia)

Changes in Regulation of Subterranean Depths Use in the Republic of Latvia

S. Priedite, J. Vasilevska, A.Vetra (Latvia)

Easy-to-read concept, its use in legal science and legal aspects

L. Gregersone, I. Razgale (Latvia)

Social services for life balance for families with disabled children

R. Indriliunaite (Lithuania)

Availability of the State Support for Housing in Lithuania: Social and Regional Aspects

M. Zakova, D. Stryckova (Slovakia)

Need of integrated care to marginalized people in community


Society, Economics and Law


Moderators: O. Bruvers (Latvia), A. Kokarevica, A. Ludzeniece (Latvia)

A. Zile (Latvia) 

Development Tendencies of Criminalistics in Ensuring Public Safety.

M. Sumbarova (Latvia)

Peculiarities of view of the place of occurrence on criminal proceedings related to the crimes against life

H. Simkuva, V. Liepina, I. Almane (Latvia)

The role of small ports in the economic and social development of the municipality

A. Kokarevica, A. Ludzeniece (Latvia)

Cost-benefit analysis of smoking in Latvia

D. Kalnina (Latvia)

Factors restricting public activity in the regions

B. Baikovska (Latvia)

Construction of disability in publications in Latvian media about ratification process of UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and implementation of its principles in legislation related to people with disabilities in Latvia

L. Mirlina (Latvia)

Public awareness in public administration as a basis for public participation: the role of Latvian government communication

K. Bite (Latvia)

The legal regulation of the strike and its problem in Latvia


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